Youth Coordinator

Christopher ``Bear`` Redmon

Christopher “Bear” Redmon joined the Central staff in August 2015 as youth coordinator. Bear earned his BA in theology with an emphasis in environmental ethics from Baylor University in 2008, just in time to watch the global economy crumble around his now worthless degree. Always one to make the best of a bad situation, Bear started spending his nights fronting local rock bands while frying chicken during the day, eventually finding his way into the education system as a chemistry teacher. For the next five years, he worked with teenagers of all backgrounds, gaining a love for their lack of a fully developed prefrontal cortex and their refreshing views on the world around them. When Bear finally left the education field, a place as Central’s high school youth director was a natural fit.

When not working with the youth at Central, Bear continues to be a presence in the Denver music scene performing with the band Boat Drinks, serving as a session musician for The Meadowlark’s monthly “Record Time”, and fronting his own Americana project, Bear Redmon and the Beasts of the Columbine.

Bear's Strengths

Knocking Over Trashcans
Scaring Tourists
Banana Peels