About Us

Services on Sunday. Service Every Day.

Central Presbyterian Church is home to a joyful, inclusive worship experience on Sundays and home to a variety of organizations that better the lives of those in the broader Denver community all week long. We attempt to live our values by making the most of our presence in downtown Denver – opening our doors to all and creating opportunity for all.

An invitation from our Pastor

Come through the open door, into the center of Central Presbyterian Church…

… a diverse, multi-generational family of inclusive welcome and belonging;

… a sanctuary where creative traditional worship speaks to the challenges and needs of contemporary people, and allows safe space for questions and doubts;

… a place to discover how to put your skills and gifts in service to others, especially those in need;

…. an historic building re-imagined as a center for doing good, home to four major organizations that strengthen the heart of Denver. Click on their links for more information:

Come on in! No matter what you’re seeking, Central can connect you to the Center underlying everything we say and do: the unconditional and transforming love of God we’ve come to know in Jesus.

We’re eager to meet you!

-Pastor Louise Westfall