Advent Week One

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This Advent, let us draw near to the One who leans down to earth to beckon us closer. May these devotions be your guide as you respond to God’s invitation to “Draw near, draw near.”

[vc_video link=”” align=”center”]If you listen closely,
you just might hear
the sun whispering,
“Draw near, draw near,”
to flowers below
that straighten their spines
and stretch their faces
toward the light.

And like that light,
which falls to the earth
and covers us
in a blanket of warmth,
I see God
leaning toward me,
inviting my heart
and beckoning my feet,
leaning down
like a potter to clay,
a mother to a crib
or a child to pray—

Saying, “Child, my child,
draw near to me.
Draw near to truth
and wonder and peace.”

For in my bones,
I believe
that in the beginning
God came to me.
And just like the sun,
which day after day,
invites the flowers
to stand and change,
if you listen closely,
you just might hear
God say to you,
“Draw near, draw near.”