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The Word in Scripture

Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.    I Corinthians 12:27

You are no longer strangers, but you are … members of the household of God.    Ephesians 2:19

Reflect on the Word

Welcome to life together!  Over the next year these weekly evotionals will provide opportunity to affirm the deep connection we have to God and other people.  Often our days are so full of activity, motion and urgent tasks we forget that we are not alone, individuals trying to get create the best life we possibly can.

Bring to mind an image of a tree.  Whether a stately evergreen or a leafy maple, trees are complex organisms with many branches supported and nourished through a single trunk rooted in the ground.  A single leaf or pine bough cannot sustain itself alone.  It has to be attached to a living branch, from which it receives life-giving water and nutrients.  A stand of aspen trees demonstrates this even more dramatically, since the root system of the entire grove is connected. Harsh winter winds and blowing snow might take down a single tree, but the deep connection provides the strength to withstand the inevitable storm. When God created humanity, God said It’s not good for them to be alone.  So God designed families and communities in which human life can flourish. You are part of this family.  How good it is to be connected by love!


Gracious God, Awaken in me the knowledge that my life is anchored in your love and in the faith community.  Help me experience the freedom of trusting that anchor to support me no matter what.  We pray in your name. Amen. 

Make an intention

Pray for all those whose lives have been upended by hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, flooding, and storm. Buy something for the clean-up buckets distributed to affected areas by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.