Preparing to Join God at Work in the World

[vc_single_image image=”15506″ img_size=”1100×400″ alignment=”center”]Unless you change and become like children you will never inherit the kingdom of heaven.  Matthew 18:3

Preparing to Join God at Work in the World

Stephanie Fritz

The All Church Retreat has a long and beautiful history at Central. I often have members share with me how the retreat impacted their faith and family life. Confirmands will put the retreat into their faith timelines. I also will hear, “We loved the retreat when we had small children, I hope our new families love it too.” This seems to mean, “We used to go but it’s not for us anymore.” The All Church Retreat is becoming a new thing! Over the last few years, we have really emphasized the desire for the entire church family to feel welcome.

The retreat is a place where all can rest, renew and experience God through our sense of awe and wonder. Our theme this year is “Preparing to Join God at Work in the World.” Our entire church will seek to step out into the community more over the coming program year and we will use time at the retreat to prepare our spirits! There will be yoga, spirituality centers, camp activities, walks, hikes, campfires, and we’ll learn about mandalas and make some as well.

In his book, Like A Child, the Reverend Tim Mooney writes, Children have an incredible capacity for and receptivity to wonder, awe and mystery … Only for adults has the world become mundane. We’ve gotten used to it, we’ve seen it before, we know the answers …

Jesus is calling us ALL to become like children to experience God and sometimes see things through fresh eyes.

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