Psalm 23

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I wonder which version speaks to you today?

Produced and published by The Work of the People

Psalm 23 Comfort

I am a child of God
I have everything I need.

This beautiful earth feeds my body.
You feed my soul.

You guide me in the ways of Life,
for You are Life.

And though I will walk through dark places, and eventually to death,
I need never be afraid.

For You are with me always,
In You I can find comfort.

With Your help, I can face whatever comes.
My joy overflows.

Your goodness and blessing will be with me
Every day of my life — and forever.

–Christine Robinson, Psalms for a New World


The Good Shepherd from Young Children and Worship

Once there was someone who said such amazing things and did such wonderful things that people began to follow him. But they didn’t know who he was.

So one day they simply had to ask him and he said, I am the good shepherd.

I know each one of my sheep by name and they know the sound of my voice.

So when I call my sheep from the sheepfold they follow me. I walk in front of them and show them the way. I show them the way to the good green grass … I show them the way to the cool, clear, still water …

And when there are places of danger I show them the way to pass through … so they can come safely home to the sheepfold.

When all my sheep are safely inside, I’m so happy…

But I can’t be happy all by myself, so I call all my friends, and we have a great feast.