The Double Thread: Inward … Outward

[vc_single_image image=”9209″ img_size=”925×500″][special_heading title=”The Double Thread: Inward … Outward” subtitle=”by Sue Wilcox” separator=”yes”]The Word in Scripture

“The life of each of us is woven of two threads: the thread of inward development by which our human and spiritual attitudes are gradually formed; and the thread of outward engagement, by which we always find ourselves at the point where the whole sum of the forces of the universe meet together to work in us the effects which God desires.” Adapted from Teilhard de Chardin, The Devine Milieu

One of the men accompanied us during all the time that the Lord went in and out among us.
Acts 1:21

The Lord will keep your going out and coming in from this time on and forevermore.
Psalm 121:8

Reflect on the Word

I discovered this writing of Chardin some time ago, and have been thankful for a better understanding of my inner thread with God.  Many times over the years I would need a quiet time or separation to try to relax and figure out what I needed to do: change my plans, try to settle a problem I’m experiencing or have a needed conversation with a friend.  Often I would open myself up to God to help me through my process.  The idea of the inner thread – this is always within me now and God is always that thread I know is already there within me waiting to meet with me.  Many stories tell of Jesus separating himself from the disciples to be alone and find Himself with God who gives him the guidance He needs.  God was His thread.  The assurance I feel that God is always with me, a thread never broken, is all the hope that I need.  That inner thread of God helps me feel stronger within and able to deal with whatever is in my outward life that surrounds me.

How is the ratio of the two threads, inner and outward, reflected in your life?


Gracious God, I pray that you may find me as you desire and where you would like me to be.  Grant me the wisdom to know that you are a part of my inward being every minute of the day and night, and all that is going on within my outer life does not separate me from my inner life where you are always to be found.

Make an intention

When you are with someone today ask them, “What’s your best thought for the day: this is mine …”